Featuring five studio tracks with dynamic arrangements and shimmering production, Blindsight 2020 packs a lot of music and comedy into 14 minutes. From the studio version of “I’m Just Here For The Swag” to the pandemic-inspired “Catching Rays on the Fire Escape” Rob incorporates elements of rock, funk, Beach Boys harmonies, southern rock, and even resort rock.

Tracks are:

  1. I’m Just Here for the Swag
  2. I”m as Broke as Kansas
  3. Catching Rays on the Fire Escape
  4. Booze, Women, and Movies
  5. Somewhere Else

Recorded at EP73, Rob’s studio and HQ, between 2017 and 2020, Blindsight 2020 is a digital only release, available on Apple Music, Spotify, and most other streaming services.

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Blindsight 2020

Release Date : December 1, 2020
Artist : Rob Paravonian
Genres : comedy, comedy rock