March 15, 2022
Time: 8:15 PM
Venue: Live on Twitch

It’s time to commemorate the 2-year anniversary of Cover Tuesday, the live-streamed cover song show I started in March 2020 during the first week of the pandemic lockdown! To do so I’m putting together the 2nd annual telethon, a marathon show of live cover songs with the goal of raising money for Direct Relief, a charity that sends medical supplies to people in need throughout the world (and right now especially Ukraine).

Last year our goal was $500 for Food Bank of NYC and we ended up raising around $1,400! This year I chose Direct Relief as the charity because Streamlabs, a streaming services company I use for some of the backend tech on the Cover Tuesday stream, has partnered with them and has created ways to integrate the fundraising into the live stream format.

And unlike last year, the donation drive starts right now! I thought about doing the whole drive during the live stream like we did last year but the need is too urgent and I didn’t want to sit around waiting to do something for the victims of the current war in Ukraine. And since I’ll be ending the show with my 1,000th cover I set a goal of $1,000 for this drive. I know we can do it!

And there are premiums! Donate just $10 and you can get a digital download of either The Green L.E.D.s debut album or my latest live album. Donate $20 and get both!

I also wanna try to raise some $ for Food Bank of NYC so I set up a new 2022 team page there with a modest goal of $250. I plan to keep that one running throughout the year to use for upcoming streams.

It’s been an amazing 2-year run of shows and I’ve met some really cool people by doing it. I’m going to take an extended hiatus after this one to work on some other stuff (like my new show The American Songbook: Redacted) but I hope to do some pop-up streams here and there. So let’s send Cover Tuesday off (at least temporarily) with a bang by doing something to fight the awfulness in the world. Like the 2 unofficial mottos of Cover Tuesday:

Be Excellent to Each Other

Stoopit Covers for a Stoopit World