I spent Saturday night rocking out in Durham, NH at the University of New Hampsire, and it looked a little something like this…

It was parent’s weekend, there was a packed house (we may or may not have exceeded the fire code occupancy limit for the room, I’m not at liberty to discuss) and the parents, siblings, and students come together to be a great crowd. I’ve performed at UNH a couple of times over the past years and they always have a great Activities Board and crew and I’ve been treated tremendously each time there.

I did make the mistake of mentioning the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship in the midst of Boston Bruins country, but luckily it was later in the show and the good will I had built up throughout my performance until that point saved me from the dire consequences that would have surely befallen me otherwise.

As an added bonus, the weather was great and the fall colors were starting to appear. Good times.

Thanks UNH!


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