living it down cover thumbnailParticle Board
from Living It Down
words & music by Rob Paravonian
©2001 Paravonian, All Rights Reserved, administered by BMI

I took a good look at my life
and what I saw I didn’t like
‘cause there was nothing that was built to last

Underneath all the cheap veneers
there’s nothing that can stand the years
It all falls apart so fast

Particle Board,
all the furniture I own is made of particle board
It’s all I can afford, particle board
Particle Board
is this what I’ve been working my whole life for?
For walls and a door and particle board

I have to live my life alone
‘cause if I ever bring a woman home
She’ll take one look at my place and any chance is blown
I guess that I’d have to admit
a guy looks like he can’t commit
when a hex wrench can dismantle everything he owns

Particle board
if I ever move I’ll leave it here on the floor
‘cause the move would cost more than the particle board
Particle board
my life sucks and it can’t be ignored
‘all I can afford is particle board

I’ve tried to live my life without things to tie me down
That’s why I only buy things I won’t miss if I skip town
But now I see that I can’t live my life like this forever
I’d like to own some furniture I don’t have to put together

Guitar Solo

I took a good look at my life
What I saw I didn’t like
It made me want to run away and hide
Just one look around my home
Shows that everything I own
Is all leaning to one side


Verse G/D/A-/F D/

Chorus: G/D/C/E-/G/D/G/D/



Bridge: A-/A-/F/G/ 2x
E-/E-/C/D/ 2x

Solo (chorus progression)



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