The second full-length studio album from The Green L.E.D.s fuses the angst and energy of post-punk and the keyboards and quirkiness of new wave with the hooks and harmonies of power-pop. Ten originals and one clever cover deliver an album filled with guitars, drums, electric pianos, backing vocals, attitude and heart!

This second non-comedy album of original music from comedy musician Rob Paravonian builds on The Green L.E.D.s debut album and levels up on the sound and songwriting, displaying a growing confidence and solidifying voice.

Tracks are:

  1. This Better Be Good
  2. Shake It Down Tonight
  3. Celebrity’s Kid
  4. My Kind of Crazy
  5. Wasted Years
  6. Days of Hey
  7. Great Big Beautiful World
  8. Waltzing Out
  9. Opposite of Afterglow
  10. Flip & Burn
  11. Another Night

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Or you can listen right here!

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The Opposite of Afterglow

Release Date : November 17, 2023
Artist : The Green L.E.D.s