The American Songbook: Redacted!

U.S. History & American Culture Ruined With Songs!

While lots of artists perform songs from the “Great” American Songbook, Rob takes away the “great” and finds himself in strange territory. There’s a heavy metal song about the Satanic Panic, a disco song about fears of a “masculinity crisis,” a jazz song about how much Henry Ford hated jazz (and blamed its popularity on a Jewish conspiracy), and much more.

Pulling from 200 years of musical styles and American history, the new album satirizes our cultural beliefs and myths, adding perspective to our world today. James Bond movie themes, emo, Western music, and even a boyband track all come together in this insanely varied yet oddly cohesive set of songs.

A limited run of 100 CDs were numbered and are available through our online store! And it’s streaming on all the things! Like Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Amazon, and wherever else 🙂

Track listing:

  1. Remember it Better, Heartland Rock, late 20th Century
  2. Satanic Panic, Heavy Metal, late 20th Century
  3. The Great Disappointment of 1844, Emo Rock, early 21st Century
  4. Alternate Anthem, Popular Song, late 18th Century
  5. The Invisible Hand, Movie Theme, mid-20th Century
  6. Beep! Beep! Outta the Way! Early Jazz, early 20th Century
  7. Plug Your Ears and Sing! Minstrel Song, mid-19th Century
  8. The People Who Were Already Here, Western Song, late 19th Century
  9. Corporations Are People Too! Sunshine Pop, mid-20th Century
  10. Work That Bod, disco, late 20th Century
  11. The Ballad of Lou Pearlman, 90s Pop, late 20th Century


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The American Songbook: Redacted

Release Date : October 7, 2022
Artist : Rob Paravonian

U.S. History and American culture ruined with songs!