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Fake Band Trivia Round 3

1. What’s the name of the barbershop quartet formed by Homer, Barney, Apu, and Principal Skinner on The Simpsons?

1. Bonus: What’s the name of their hit song, taken from a popular novelty sign?

2. In the movie High Fidelity, where John Cusack plays a record store owner and Jack Black plays one of his employees, what former NBC star plays singer Marie de Salle?

3. Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest, and Michael McKeon are fake band legends thanks to their work in a certain 1984 film. What was the name of their band in the 2003 film A Mighty Wind?

4. The Brady Bunch kids performed under 2 different band names, once for the song Time To Change when Greg had to recruit his siblings into the band to share the cost of recording, and once to perform in a talent contest to try to win money to pay for Carol and Mike’s anniversary present. What were those 2 band names? 1 point for each.

4. Bonus: In the episode “Adios, Johnny Bravo” what was the real reason the talent agent wanted to sign Greg to become Johnny Bravo?

5. In the Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, from 1984, Peter Weller plays Buckaroo Banzai. What’s the name of his backing band?

5. Bonus: What Jurassic Park cast member was also in Buckaroo Banzai?

6. One of the actresses who played a backup singer in The Commitments (1991) was Maria Doyle Kennedy, who also has a featured role on what recent BBC America sci fi series?

7. In the 2010 movie Get Him To The Greek, what’s the name of the rock star played by Russell Brand?

7. Bonus: What was the name of the movie in which this Russell Brand character first appeared?

8. In the comic strip Bloom County, what was the name of the band formed by Bill the Cat and Opus the penguin?

9. Name the 1993 Chris Rock film about a hip hop group that many reviewers jokingly nicknamed “Spinal Rap.”

10. In 1992 Fox aired a series about a band, produced by Aaron Spelling, the guy who gave us 90210. That fictitious band had a very real #1 hit with the song “How Do You Talk To An Angel.” What was the name of the show? Or the band? They’re the same name.

11.Disney’s Zootopia, from 2016, featured a one-named pop star character named Gazele, who was also a gazelle. What real life one-named pop star played the role?

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