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Fake Band Trivia Round 3 Answers

1. The B Sharps

1. Bonus: Baby on Board

2. Lisa Bonet

3. The Folksmen

4. The Silver Platters & The Brady Six

4. Bonus: Because he fit the suit

5. The Hong Kong Cavaliers

5. Bonus: Jeff Goldblum

6. Orphan Black

7. Aldous Snow

7. Bonus: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

8. Billy & The Boingers

9. CB4

10. The Heights

11. Shakira

So, how did you do? Did you have fun? I know there are so many fake bands I didn’t even get to: The Partridge Family, all the bands in Tapeheads, most of the Hanna Barbera bands like The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, Jabber Jaw & the Neptunes, The Bedrock Rockers, The Cattanooga Cats… There are too many!!

Feel free to post your score in the comments of the Fake Band Trivia Challenge blog post, or send it to me via twitter or my facebook page. Thanks for joining me 🙂 🎸🏆🎶

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