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Fake Band Trivia Round 1

Welcome to the Fake Band Trivia Challenge! Get some paper to write down your answers. We’ll be grading ourselves so we’re all on the honor system. No cheating!

1. What is the official 4-word title of the legendary 1984 heavy metal Mockumentary by Rob Reiner?

2. Name any of the 3 actresses who played members of Josie & the Pussycats in the 2001 movie.

2.  Bonus: In the same film Seth Green and Donald Faison were in a boyband named what?

3. The Archies had a #1 hit with Sugar, Sugar. Name any other song by the Archies.

4. What was the name of Animal’s band on the Muppets, whose hits included “Can You Picture That”?

4. Bonus: Name another member of the band and their instrument.

5. In the 2007 film Walk Hard, what’s the name of the titular character played by John C. Reilly?

6. The 1994 Eddie Murphy film Coming to America gave us the gift of the band Sexual Chocolate and their rendition of The Greatest Love. What was the name of Sexual Chocolate’s lead singer, about whom Sweets said, “G-d damn, that boy can sing!”?

7. In Rockstar, what’s the name of the successful band that hires Mark Wahlberg’s character and turns him into a rock star?

7. Bonus: What was the name of the tribute band Wahlberg’s character was playing in before he got hired?

8. The band Mystic Spiral headed by character Trent Lane, brother of Jane Lane, is from what animated TV series?

9. In HBO’s series Vinyl, what’s the name of the punk rock band that gets signed by American Century records?

10. In 1987 Michael J. Fox was in the movie Light of Day, playing a guy who was in a bar band with his sister; the sister was played by what real life rocker?

11. When Marty McFly performs at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, the injured singer of the band calls his cousin, implied to be what real life rock and roll legend?

11. Bonus: When Marty’s band the Pinheads, auditions for the talent show, what real-life chart-topping singer plays the judge who tells him, “I’m afraid you’re just too darn loud.”?

Good work! Now it’s time to check your answers, click here for the answers to Round 1.

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