September 23, 2023
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Q.E.D.
Address: 27-16 23rd Ave
Zipcode: 11105
State: New York

The September Odd Rock Comedy Hour is gonna be a blast cuz it’s gonna be a disco party!

Why disco? Cuz it’s host Rob Paravonian’s birthday and he’s the decider! And he’ll be turning an age that’s a number in the name of a legendary disco club (yep, we’re talking Studio 39)!

In the lineup we’ll have Goodbye Charlemagne, who just this year released an entire album of disco songs, Alex Castle, who as the frontman of a funk band has been known to dabble in disco, and many more!

Anyone wearing disco or 70s attire will get a prize, so dust off the elevator shoes and gold lamé cuz it’s gonna be the hottest show in town!