October 28, 2021
Venue: Everywhere

The new non-comedy music album—The Green L.E.D.s—comes out on October 28! 11 tracks of angst, hope, guitars, and passion! 10 originals, one cover, and an album full of well-crafted music.

To celebrate we’re having a party! A live-stream event on Rob’s twitch and youtube channels where he’ll play songs from the album and talk about the project! There may even be some download code giveaways if you’re paying attention! We’ll go live at 8pm NYC time on Thursday, Oct. 28, be there! Or, actually, be wherever you want to be cuz we’ll stream it to you!

Wanna hear some preview tracks? The first single from the album is already out! “Start over Again” which sums up the angst, doubt, and hope permeating the project, is available on all the platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music, bandcamp, and soundcloud. And if you pre-order the album on Apple Music you can get the opening track “What’s in Store” immediately!

Check it out and we hope to see you on the 28th!