March 16, 2021
Live on
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Live on Twitch

It’s Cover Tuesday’s 1-Year Anniversary and we’re going BIG! To celebrate a full year of stoopit covers and getting through one of the weirdest years in most of our lifetimes, I’m putting on a super-sized show with the goal of raising $500 for Food Bank of NYC!

The Cover Tuesday Music Club is a supportive, energetic, and kind bunch, and we’re gonna prove it by helping to provide meals to New Yorkers in need. Every dollar donated helps provide 5 meals to people struggling with food insecurity and we’re going to help Food Bank of NYC with the 80 million free meals they provide annually!

Here’s what to expect!:

  • I will start early! (Pre-show at 7:30 pm NYC time)
  • I will do songs I’ve done before!
  • I’ve collected a list of songs I can’t believe I haven’t done before!
  • There will be a tote board!
  • There may be special guests! (if anyone takes me up on my offer :P)
  • Donations will be handled through a special page on FoodbankNYC’s website

Pre-Show at 7:30 pm NYC time (4:30 PDT, 2330 UTC) 
To give our friends in Europe a chance to watch live before it’s too late in the night I’m going to do a few songs in a pre-show starting at 7:30 pm NYC time! And thanks to the U.S. switching to Daylight Savings time 2 weeks before Europe, we’ll even gain an extra hour on our Transatlantic friends. I’ll sign off and restart the feed at our normal Cover Tuesday start time of 8:15 pm NYC time (0015 UTC) for the rest of the show!

For the first time in 48 episodes of Cover Tuesday and over 600 covers, I’ll repeat a song! I have a few favorites I’m looking forward to doing again, and if you have a fave tune you want to hear again or missed the first time around let me know!

I also have been keeping a list of songs that would make perfect stoopit covers that I haven’t done yet. Maybe they didn’t fit into a theme show or it’s one of those songs that has been out of mind for a while. Perhaps they simply fell through the cracks. They will finally get their moment to shine!

There will be a tote board! Just like the old school Jerry Lewis MDA telethons of the 70s and 80s, I will keep track of donations throughout the show. It may just be me scribbling on a white board but the donations will be toted!

I’m also hoping for another Cover Tuesday first: special guests! Via video most likely, I hope to have fellow musical peeps contribute a stoopit cover for the big event!

All donations will be going through the Foodbank of NYC’s website. I’ve created a special Cover Tuesday campaign and I’ll be promoting/tweeting/posting the link during the day of the show.

Please donate if you are able, and join us for the live show on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 8:15 pm EST at!

Check out the Cover Tuesday Spotify playlist for the original versions of all (or at least 99.5%) of the songs Rob has covered!

Join us at Rob’s Twitch channel or watch in the window below!