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Rob P. Videos

Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, Explained!

Learn this one simple trick to getting a woman while pounding shots with your bros: be Ed Sheeran! 

Russian folksong that praises Trump

Who Died? Tiny Desk Contest Entry

I entered NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest so I had to perform a song near a desk! I chose “Who Died?”

America’s Ex-Wife: Kellyanne Conway

If you were wondering where you’ve seen Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway before, she’s your horrible, argumentative ex! 

The Closeout Sale 2016 Deserves! [52 Sellout Week 52]

Think Pieces! [52 Sellout Week 51]

If the Foundation for a Better Life can do a commercial for “gratitude” I can do one for think pieces! 

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