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52 Sellout

The Sweet Soul of Auto Sales [52 Sellout Week 32]

The sad desperation of a lonely soul singer can only be outdone by a desperate car salesman, so I decided to put the two together for this week’s 52 Sellout. In week 32 we meet Randy from Brennschluss Auto, a formerly #1 auto dealership that is trying everything to win back its Tri-State-area customers.

The music actually came first in this week’s project. About a month ago I decided to try to compose something in the “deep soul” vein, like this song from James Carr, or early 70s Candi Staton.

O.K., gotta find some Candi Staton. I mean, how good is her cover of Otis Redding’s That’s How Strong My Love is?!?!

Sorry, can’t help myself when I think about Candi Staton.

Anyhoo, I wanted to try to write something with that kind of groove, with some smooth horn parts, and I ended up liking what I wrote and thought I should try to find a way to use it in my little ol’ weekly project.

It took me a while to settle on what kind of monologue to work into it. It had to be something desperate and needy, and I finally came around to thinking that the desperation of a car salesman at year-end clearance time would be just about right. Hope you like it!


Wireless Charging Is Useless! [52 Sellout Week 27]

Every time I see those ads for wireless phone chargers I wonder how those things are more convenient than the little cords you have to plug into the phone. I mean, you have to have the wireless pad on a surface, the wireless charging pad has to be plugged in so there’s a wire anyway, and the things are bigger than normal chargers so they suck to travel with.

I guess it’s a little bit cool to charge your phone “wirelessly” but is it worth all of the extra hassle?

So I took all of that confusion and put it into this week’s 52 Sellout. And to add to the confusion I did some techno music that sounds like a hangover. Enjoy!

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